Saturday, October 1, 2011

My trusty Mrs. White

Hi -  Now I know this will give you an idea of how old and old fashioned I am, but here goes anyway.
The year I was married, (44 years ago) I decided I needed a sewing machine, although we had hardly any money to buy one.  So I went to the local sewing center to see what I would have to spend, or save up for.
Well - as luck would have it - they had just received a repossesed model, which I was able to afford.  I had to do some more shopping, so I told them I would be back before they closed, and put some money down to hold it.  So I came back later to pick up my prize, and after looking everywhere for it, the salesman found that another person had bought my machine!!!  I just looked at the guy and said "now what?"  Well he didn't know what to tell me - went to find the manager and came back with a new machine - for the same price!  Needless to say, I was quite happy.
Remember, this was 43 years ago and I was quite a bit younger and stronger and could lug this baby around quite easily.  Later, I started going to quilt camps with my sister, and Let me tell you, this little number got heavier and heavier.  Luckily, the camp had young boys there to help carry our stuff, and I made sure to tip them generously (partly to help pay for hernia surgery they may have to get).
I know I should get a new machine, but for some reason - just like my vehicles - I became personally attached to it, and just keep on sewing with it.  We understand each other, and as long as I keep it on my sewing table, which by the way - I got with S&H green stamps, we get along just fine.  Every couple years, I have it gone over, and this kind man who does the work just loves to work on "vintage machines"!!!!  ( I am sure that's what my doctor thinks also). 
Anyway, that's the history of me and Mrs. White
Until next time - Miss Sew an Sew

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  1. I had my sewing machine for almost 30 years. I had sewn so much it could not be fixed any more. I miss my old machine, the new is nice but not the same.